Version 2.13

The new video player is out
We are releasing a brand new video player !
We know that you were not all super happy with the video player we used to have.
The old player was working outside of the core experience, the control buttons were not accessible easily, and the volume and brightness experience was sometimes frustrating.
This new player is fixing those issues and adds new things like the zoom!
The new video player comes with:
  • An integrated experience. You can delete and move videos in the same screen as you are playing them.
  • A zoom: You can now pinch to zoom on your videos
  • A better volume and brightness control: You can now mute easily the video. You can configure a mute by default in the settings
  • A new landscape mode: The landscape mode is also improved.
This is the first release, so please be kind. Tell us what works and what doesn't and we will quickly adapt this new player.
Thank you for your patience !