The bookmarks

A fast access to your favorite albums

The bookmarks

The bookmarks are the albums that you want to access fast. This section is always positioned at the top of the screen and is therefore immediately visible when you open the list of albums.
To bookmark an album, you just need to click on the bookmark button in the top right corner of that album.
The bookmark button is in the top right corner
To remove an album from the list of bookmarks, you just need to click again on that button.
When you bookmark an album, it is bookmarked in this particular space. If you bookmark a Dropbox album, it goes to the bookmarks of your Dropbox access. If you do this with a Secret folder, it stays in your Secret Space.

Organising your bookmarks

To organise the bookmarks, you need to enter into the Edit mode for the list of albums.
To set the bookmarked folders in a particular order, you can move them around either by sliding the folders or clicking on the up/down button.
Sliding bookmarks up and down

Collapsing sections

If you don’t want to see a particular section, you can collapse the section by pressing on the up/down arrow.
This is particularly useful for the albums view which list all the albums as you might not want to see them all the time.

A simple manual sorting experience

It is really easy to bookmark and move your albums up and down