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Our product principles

The principles that are at the core of our product are privacy, openness, personalization, and longevity.


Piktures does not transmit any personal media outside of the app. The traffic sent outside is composed of anonymous usage data and crash logs. Customers' issues are challenging to understand due to the fragmentation of the Android platform. They are so many different versions and devices that Piktures might work correctly on a model while crashing regularly on another device. The anonymous data helps us understand how Piktures users are affected and the problems they are facing. The Piktures account enables you to retrieve your access to your Secret Space if you have forgotten its PIN code. There is no need to provide your name or other personal data.
Privacy also means that the information you add to your photos is stored in the photos' metadata, not outside. With Piktures, when you tag your photos, the tags are stored in the photo's metadata, not on a server. It means that without the need for any service, the information you have created stays forever.
Privacy also means providing you with tools to protect the information you don't want to leak. For instance, if you take photos from your home address, Piktures allows you to remove the GPS data from your photos when you share them.


There are few things more personal than the pictures you take. We believe that a gallery app should let your photos shine and allow you to personalize its experience. Piktures V3 offers an unprecedented level of personalization. You can customize the way you view your folders, how you display your albums, the way you sort them, or the first screen you see when you open the app. There are simply no other gallery apps that offer this level of configuration.

Built to last

Piktures has been designed to last longer than ourselves; this means that the app does not need any external services to function; it does not rely on our company paying their bills to keep on running. If something sad happens to us, you will continue being able to enjoy Piktures without our support. The only feature that requires a back-end is the Secret Space, and it is needed only for setting it up and retrieving your PIN code. It does not need the back-end to work once the set-up is complete, as long as you don't lose your PIN code.


While Piktures is not open-source, it has an open philosophy. Piktures does not force any particular tool to complement its experience. More concretely, Piktures gives you the power to access your cloud photos, choose your photo editor if you are not happy with the embedded one, select a favorite camera app, or even play your videos with a different player. The underlying philosophy is that we provide you with a good option, but if you prefer something else, we let you use it.
Unlike many gallery apps, Piktures does not have a cloud storage of choice, and we do not provide cloud storage on our own. We believe a great gallery app should access the photos where they are stored instead of forcing you to save them in a single place. This is the philosophy behind Piktures, and this is why we are continually developing new "photo access."
Piktures comes with its Photo Editor that is quite complete. but if you do not like it or want to use a more sophisticated one from time to time, Piktures lets you use an alternative photo editor
Piktures comes with its video player, but we are letting you use the one you prefer if you need a more advanced one, like VLC or MX Player.
Piktures is allowing you to launch your favorite camera app if you want to have more options than the default Camera app that comes with your device. We also provide an embedded QR Code scanner that can be very useful and that Piktures uses to pair devices without an intermediate server.