The history of what is coming to Piktures and what has just changed to Piktures; version after version

Coming soon ๐Ÿš€

We are currently working on some major changes which will include:

  • A set of options to view your albums (square, rectangular, list)

  • Webdav support which will allow you to access your Nextcloud, Box, or Yandesk Disk accounts as well as a personal network storage

  • A search feature (free text) alongside the Filter feature

  • A file transfer feature for your Secret space

  • Dark mode, and so much more...

A visual concept for the new album list view

Version 2.8 - May 2020

This major version introduces a major changes on the way you can manage your albums

  • We now have three sections: Bookmarks, Smart views and Albums

  • The Bookmarks sit at the top on the screen. You can add as many bookmarks as you want. You can decide the order you want them to be, manually

  • The Smart views include the All items, Favorites, QR Code album, and Recycle bin

How to bookmark folders and manually change their orders