Version 2.10

We have released a new navigation with a bottom bar. And you can remove it if you want.
The big changes:
  • There is a bottom bar: It lets you access directly the section you want. From searching a photo, to selecting the Secret Space. You can disable or re-enable it in the Settings.
  • All the screens are now full screens! In particular, the list of folders takes the full screen to give some space for extra buttons such as the search button for your folder.
  • We have removed the hamburger button: We have replaced it by the button to access the Piktures Store. For people who used this button, you can slide to the left to access the list of folders, or you can click on the bottom bar.
  • You can still slide: To move between sections, you can just swipe left and right. This is still the experience we want to push to Piktures.
The slide experience