Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service that Microsoft operates. Piktures is NOT associated with Microsoft.

Microsoft OneDrive access

Piktures is able to manage, view, upload to, and download photos from Microsoft OneDrive.

To do this, Piktures uses the OneDrive Android SDK.

With the Prime and Premium version, you also have a Back-up option.

Refresh issues

If you have refresh issues, please remote your Microsoft OneDroive access, and add it back.

This should restart the process and all your refresh issues should be gone.

Microsoft OneDrive business account

OneDrive for Business and OneDrive are different.

  • OneDrive is a personal cloud place to storing your own personal files

  • OneDrive for Business brings teams together to collaborate on documents and other things.

The differences are listed here : OneDrive for Business vs OneDrive – Know the difference

Unfortunately Piktures cannot access photos on OneDrive for Business

From the Microsoft FAQ

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