1 - Download the Mac client

The first step is to download the Mac client on your personal computer.

On your computer, open your browser, go to this webpage - https://www.diune.com/mac.html and click on the Mac app button to download the installer - a file called Piktures.dmg

2 - Install the Mac client

To install the client, click on the Piktures.dmg file which will launch the installer. The installer will ask you to slide the Piktures app to the Applications folder

3 - Launch the Piktures Mac client

Once the installation is done, go to the Applications folder and click on Piktures. Piktures will be launched. 

4- Make the connection

Once Piktures is installed and running, go to Piktures Android on the same Wi-Fi than your Mac. The Android app will detect the Piktures Mac. You just have to follow the instructions.